Claudia’s day home has been running in the Cougar Ridge area for 13 years. We offer services of childcare with a high-quality degree of safety in an entertaining and encouraging environment.

While promoting happy and self-confident children, they also learn to be compassionate and respectful of others.

Our education approach will help acquire a lifelong passion for learning and preparing them to meet their every day with eagerness. We believe kids must be kids that interacting with their environment and peers they will learn through imagination and curiosity. Each and every day is an adventure at Claudia’s dayhome, we read in our reading corner or the backyard, we can have PJ days or enjoy the day at the playground around the corner. In summer, we have pool parties and BBQs. In winter, we play with snow and have snowmen everywhere in our backyard or the playground. Our Schedule mainly consists of reading circle, free play, group activities (painting, crafts, coloring), snacks and meals (breakfast and lunch), naptime, and outdoor activities.