Teaching children what is right and wrong with words and actions, giving them clear rules and consequences explained in appropriate terms so kids will understand.

Listening will help solving any issues. Attention to reinforce good behaviours and praising those good behaviours. At the same time, ignoring or redirecting bad behaviours can be an effective way of stopping them. Plan ahead for situations when your child might have trouble behaving.


If a child is sick, parents should not bring them to the dayhome. For the health of the other children and the fast recovery of the child, it is essential staying home and recuperate.

Parents also must sign a medication consent form or give written consent, prior to any medication being administered.

If a child shows symptoms of illness at the day home, parents will be contacted and required to pick up their child as soon as possible. If the child is contagious, he or she MUST be cared for, away from the other children.


If your child is unable to make it to the day home that day, parents must call in the morning and notify me that their child will not be attending that day.

Health & Safety 

Smoke-free environment with first aid kits and fire extinguishers. Sometimes we practice emergency drills. Claudia and staff is trained in first aid & CPR.


If for any reason, you decide Claudia’s Dayhome no longer accommodates your family’s needs, we require 30 days notice.